ThinkWrite Headset for Schools

ThinkWrite Headsets for Mobile Devices [review]

Back when I was managing a school we would have kids running in and out of the computer lab, tugging at headsets, bending the earpieces, and constantly searching for driver problems with connecting the headset to the computer. If only I had these ThinkWrite headsets back then. We often get so caught up with finding […]

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Reflector 2 for Teachers – Screencast and Screenshare from iPhones, iPads and Android Devices

On several occasions I’ve talked about turning your iPad into a smartboard, including how to do it using a chromecast. For those who haven’t used the original version, Reflector 2 allows you to mirror whatever is on your phone or tablet directly to your computer screen. Additionally, multiple devices can be displayed at the same […]

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Use #EdTechQ to get your questions answered about EdTech

Use #EdTechQ to get your questions answered

Twitter has become my default resource for professional development. I’m about ready to make the claim that I’ve learned more about teaching and education through twitter than I did through my painfully expensive Master’s Degree. If you’re not using it, get on Twitter. If you’re on Twitter, and still don’t know where to get started, […]

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Scannable to digitize your paper documents

Use Scannable to Digitize your Paper Documents and Go Paperless

Years ago I got excited at the prospect of going paperless. At the time I knew it was a challenge to do, and it still is on a lot of levels. Despite our best intentions, we often find that it’s easier or more convenient to print some sheets off here or there. Even more likely, […]

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How to Make Memes and Quotes

Make Memes and Quotes with Your Class

Open your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media feed and you’ll be flooded with inspirational quotes and laugh-out-loud memes. We often think of these as throw-away bits of media, but we shouldn’t ignore how hugely popular they are when thinking of ways to hook our students. In fact, the right quote or meme […]

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Use Turnitin to compare drafts and revisions side by side

Compare Drafts and Revisions with Turnitin

Turnitin is a great resource that teachers have come to rely on for digitally grading and reviewing papers. Like many of those teachers, I learned the basics and failed to educate myself on some of the hidden functionality. One of those functions – the ability to compare drafts and revisions┬áside by side – is something […]

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