Get your students reading the news with Newsela

Reading the News at their Comprehension Level Any teacher is familiar with the blank stares you get when trying to start up a discussion about current events. At times we ...

5 Chrome Extensions for Busy Teachers

We all have a tendency to get used to the way we do things only to realize much later that there are excellent tools at our disposal to make our lives much easier and productive. Imagine having a microwave right on your kitchen counter, but you’ve never used it before, so you don’t know what […]

Build a Writing Portfolio with Medium

Teachers have no shortage of writing ideas for their classes and are always on the hunt to make things more clear for their students. Many, however, continue to have documents written with MS Word, printed out, and handed in to the teacher. These days, we need to carefully consider whether that is the best way […]

Creative Storytelling with Rory's Story Cubes

Creative Storytelling w/ Rory’s Story Cubes

Storytelling is a lost art-form, especially in schools these days where many faculties leave out the A (Art) in STEAM for STEM. While policymakers don’t seem to get it, teachers know that the best path to students’ learning is through emotional motivation; and the best way to appeal to emotions is to tell stories that […]

Crossword Puzzle Maker

Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle

Since the good ol’ days of graph paper (and probably well before that) teachers have gone to meticulous lengths to create crossword puzzles for their students. Crosswords can be great to review vocabulary or reinforce themes in readings. A quick search of “crossword puzzle maker” or “how to make your own crossword” has traditionally left […]

Create Simple Charts with Viz


It used to be that creating charts and graphs on computers took a lot of work or a learning curve or a fairly expensive program. I’m glad that there are more and more “single purpose” apps out there that do just one thing beautifully and simply. Enter Viz from the fine folks at Minisimpli. Viz […]

A Basic Intro to Google Docs

Google Docs Basics

If ever there was an EdTech 101 course, showing a deep understanding of Google Docs would certainly be the course’s final project. Understanding how to use Google Docs* can become just as important as knowing how to use the whiteboard, depending on how much you choose to take advantage of it. * The terms Google […]

IFTTT in the classroom

IFTTT for Teachers

The more pessimistic of my colleagues believe that school and bureaucracy go hand in hand, and there is no way to get things done efficiently, and even if there was, nobody would listen. I disagree with these dark-cloud thoughts and I believe that technology is helping us set up better systems everyday that don’t rely […]


Recently I’ve been considering the concept of non-educational games and their implications in education. While some games are simply trash which truly stretch the imagination to figure out any value, there are myriad excellent games which aren’t necessarily designed to help get a single idea across, but may very well work in conceptual applications. I’d […]

Improve your Students’ Typing with Typing Club

“Typing is dead, long live voice recognition!” These are the shouts of the cutting-edge extremists, but as teachers we know better. We know that it would be impossible to write reports with everybody blabbering at their computers around us. We know the value of pensive thinking, and there are still going to be some MASSIVE […]

Better Classroom Storytelling through Comic Life

If you’ve been to any teachers conferences recently or like to float around education websites, you’ll know that “Storytelling” has been a growing buzzword for quite a while. As a student, I remember loving to put together storyboards, dioramas, books, and anything to explain my learning visually. At the time, however, I spent more time […]

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