Automate Your iPhone Activities with Workflow

  Automation is a process all teachers can benefit from, but the effort involved in setting up useful automation often dissuades us from organizing such a workflow. We think to ourselves “This takes more figuring out than I have time for right now. I’ll just do it the way I’ve always done it.” not realizing that learning […]

Gamify Your Classroom

How Can I Gamify My Class? Class Craft as an Intro to Gamification

Gamification, for the uninitiated, is an often misunderstood concept that can quickly lead to poor implementation by well-intentioned teachers or developers, and then frustration for those who are forced to participate in the process. What is Gamification? Let’s start with what gamification isn’t. Gamification is not playing games at work or school. It isn’t the […]


Get your message out quickly with Clarisketch

We’ve all had that moment: our students dash out of the classroom and as the door closes behind the last one, the click of the handle reminds you that you forgot to explain one quick but key point. Your mind races for what to do: You can’t quite explain it in a tweet – your […]

Tackk for Simple Dynamic Pages

Tackk Creates Dynamic Web Pages On The Fly

Educational Technology is moving to the point where students are expected to be able to create more than “just” a paper, but rather a multi-media experience that can be explored and shared. While there are a number of great presentation tools that we’ve covered here at such as Haiku Deck or Medium, or even the […]

ViewPure YouTube distraction free

Watch YouTube in Class Without Worry Using ViewPure

For many educators these days, YouTube is an integral tool in their teaching toolbox. But every teacher I know also deals with “hover-finger”; the concern that something inappropriate might show up in front of the class – and they’ll have to click away in an instant . How many of us have clicked away from […]

The Apple Watch – Cupertino’s Non-Starter in Education

Note: This article was originally posted in Edutopia Discussions, which can be found here.   On Tuesday Apple finally debuted the long-rumored Apple Watch to a crowd of enthusiastic journalists who gave it a standing ovation and in turn got a free performance from U2. The live demo of the Apple Watch was impressive, showing […]

Adobe Voice in Education

Adobe Voice in the Classroom

If you’ve been excited at the idea of making  videos for and with your class, but overwhelmed at the prospect of all of the production involved, look no further than Adobe Voice. Animate on the Fly Adobe Voice brilliantly lets you eliminate the need for pre-production and post-production by creating a simple app where everything […]

Turn your Android Device into a Smartboard

One of my most popular videos on is How to Turn your iPad into a Smartboard, also followed up by the version requiring the Apple TV. Smartboards are great, but not everybody has access to them , and I’ve always been disappointed that my solutions never really worked for Android devices as there are […]


Get your students reading the news with Newsela

Reading the News at their Comprehension Level Any teacher is familiar with the blank stares you get when trying to start up a discussion about current events. At times we feel like we might as well be trying to promote the virtues of wood whittling (a noble hobby, by the way). If getting your students […]

Biscuit: A Quick Way to Learn Words

Every year Evernote holds a contest called Devcup encouraging Developers to build apps which extend the functionality of Evernote. I’m not sure how, but until recently Biscuit slipped past my radar even though they were one of the finalists last year. Biscuit is a brilliant app that uses your iPhone or Android in a way […]

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