Trivia for the Classroom

At one point or another every teacher has come across the great idea of setting up a big trivia game, whether for a chapter review, a competition amongst students, or ...


Klikaklu is a clever scavenger hunt app which connects people and gives them clues to solve a puzzle by going to the right location and taking a picture of something. Bear with me, there’s a bit of a learning and explanation curve here. I’ll explain it in terms of a teacher and students, since that’s [...]

Write Like Hemingway

Want to improve your writing? Write like Hemingway. Everyone who reviews this app must, in fact, use this app to write the review. It is required. Hemingway is a free web app designed to clean up the junk in your writing. No superfluous superfluousities. Just get the idea across. How many of your sentences are [...]

History Here

Once upon a time, knowing your local history was considered as natural a part of your education as your abc’s. While history is still, of course, incredibly important, there’s a growing sense that we are becoming more and more disconnected from what’s right in front of us in exchange for what we can reach through [...]

Blackbar – A game of critical thinking

WARNING: This game contains NAUGHTY words and should be carefully considered before bringing it to your students’ attention! Make sure your class is mature and that this is appropriate for your learning setting. You have been ████████! Update: Re: naughty words, please see tweets from the creator at the bottom of the post! *** Well, [...]

Simple Photo Editing on Any Computer using PicMonkey

For years Photoshop was the only option we had to make changes to our photos. It was so ubiquitous that it has long been the verb of choice when we talk about editing or altering our pictures. While photoshop is a great program, it is built for editing in ways that very few of us [...]

Endless Alphabet for ABCs and Vocab

    Endless Alphabet is one of the more curious apps I’ve come across. It’s incredibly popular and for good reason. I originally downloaded it with the intention of having it ready on my iPad when my 3 year-old nephew came over to visit, but I found myself playing with it more than he did. [...]

Collaborate Instantly with Stoodle

I have been looking for a good collaboration setup that is easy to use and implement on a moment’s notice. There are a lot of whiteboard collaboration web apps, but I was happy to stumble upon Stoodle. When I started to research it a bit, I was especially happy to find that there’s a great [...]

Stick Pick

In the past to make sure all of my students were getting a fair run at answering questions, I used to create flash cards with each of their names on it and cycle through it from beginning to end. Now everything can be done right from your iPhone using Stick Pick. Depending on the size [...]

Pocket Tutorial

Busy now? Read that article later WITHOUT losing or forgetting it!

We are swamped! We are inundated with access to so much great information that we want to read, but the majority of the time when we find it, we’re not in a place to sit down and read it. One of the great things about how connected we are is that we should never want [...]


  If you’re a trivia fan like I am, you’ll already know about QuizUp. Touted as the “biggest trivia game in the world” you can find yourself playing quick games everywhere you go, and not just on a Tuesday night at the local Irish pub. But QuizUp can be used for a lot more than [...]

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