10 Reasons every teacher should blog

10 Reasons Every Teacher Should Blog

Whether you’re new to teaching or have years of experience, every teacher should be blogging. In all likelihood, if you’re looking at this blog, you’ve probably considered starting your own blog or you may have already set one up and just let it sit there, turning to digital dust. If you’re on the the fence […]

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Google Voice in the Classroom

Google is one of those companies that is both ubiquitous and sneaky. Those involved in the world of EdTech know just how useful their services can be, but many teachers float along unaware of how much Google can do for your classroom. We’ve talked here about the basics of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Forms, and more. […]

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Adjust your science lessons to match your students' lexical levels

BirdBrain Science for Differentiated Science Lessons

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend EdCamp LA. As is the nature of an EdCamp, I sat down for a slice of pizza with some interesting people, and among them was Brendan Finch, founder of BirdBrain Science. I love seeing the awesome work that educators are working on with tech, and […]

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This header was designed in 5 minutes using Canva

Canva – Graphic Design for Teachers and Students

  Teachers are wearers of many hats – this is nothing new. These days our hat racks are getting bigger and bigger, and in addition to teaching we may be asked to do things we never imagined before. For a lot of teachers this includes graphic design. “Can you design a new header for our […]

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TodaysMeet for Classroom Backchannels

As technology sneaks its way into more and more classrooms, teachers find themselves looking for different ways to encourage students to engage with the class. One of the lesser appreciated ways is through creating backchannels. A backchannel is any alternative to the main conversation that is happening in the class. My first experience with a backchannel […]

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Plickers – Paper Printed “Clickers” for Instant Assessment

In the world of EdTech we like to play around with all the latest technology (by default) and can sometimes unwittingly be guilty of overlooking the fact that not everybody has access to all the technology we love to share. In fact, there are many teachers who dream of more access to technology, but for […]

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